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A taste of Italy dinner party

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

We recently hosted a birthday dinner party at Hamptons on Hunter for 6 guests with a theme that resonates with everyone – Italy!

I think a great party is a combination of a few key ingredients:

  • Awesome company

  • Amazing food

  • Sensational wine

  • Music

  • And laughter

With that in mind, the invitations were sent out and the table was set!

We booked the Wine Fairy to come to do a private wine tasting which was the most amazing experience – hands down highly recommend.

If you want to host an Italian dinner party – think blues and whites and a splash of lemon where the Tuscan vineyards meet the Amalfi Coast.

Get your guests to dress accordingly – it certainly does add a bit of fun to the evening.

We kicked off with a welcome champagne an Italian charcuterie board while Kat from Wine Fairies set up her tasting.

We tasted about 6-8 different wines from vineyards small and large and some we had never heard of.

Starters – we served gorgonzola stuffed mushrooms and chili king prawns in individual pots.

Main – I had put a slow cooked beef on that morning and made a beef ragu with Pappardelle pasta served with tomato and bocconcini and basil and a pear and rocket and parmesan salad.

For dessert we served homemade tiramisu and espresso martinis!

The birthday dinner was an absolute hit. There was even a little bit of dancing at the end – let’s blame the champagne!

If you want any of the recipes, please let me know. @hamptonsonhunter

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